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British School of Tenerife
February 2014

Year 1 pupils had a wonderful day at the Fire Station and Police Station in La Orotava as part of their topic "People who help us". They all had a ride in a fire engine, used the fire hoses and visited the police cells!


The Loro Park was the destination for Year 2 who have been learning about animals this term. They enjoyed a private viewing of the Orca whales and a leading trainer gave a very informative talk to the children and answered their questions. The day went so quickly and a great time was had by everyone.


Road Safety
We were very fortunate that the local Police visited La Luz site for 3 days to teach the pupils about the importance of Road Safety. They set up a truly impressive circuit in the Sports Hall and children had great fun riding their bicycles, scooters etc. They had to remember to read the "Stop!" signs and to stop at zebra crossings for any teachers crossing!


World Book Day
Pupils from Years 1 to 4 in La Luz and from Years 5 to 9 in Trinity worked in mixed age groups to celebrate World Book Day and they thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively on book based activities with the aim of promoting a love of reading and of books.


Thank you very much to Güicho who entertained pupils from Nursery to Year 6 today with songs and stories.



Talent Show
After tough auditions the finalists battled it out today at the Talent Show. All the children in 1B sang to the very catchy "Happy" song. We were entertained with singing, piano, dancing, saxophone and guitar performances.
The winner was Gadea, from Year 6J, who impressed the audience playing the saxophone. She received the loudest applause and won tickets for the cinema.





: 8th - 11th April

Options: Y9 Option choices should be completed by Friday 11th April.
Music: On the 13th March a professional musician will attend school to give students lessons in playing percussion instruments.
World Book Day Follow Up: In March students will be involved in attending the La Luz site to read the books created on World Book Day to younger students. The students involved and the date will be confirmed in a letter closer to the date.
Rugby: Students in Year 8 and Year 9 have been practicing rugby this month in sports and at the end of March they will be participating in a tournament at the local sports centre. This will also be during their sports lessons.


Excursion Tree Planting
On Thursday 20th February Year 7 students participated in a tree planting excursion high above La Oratava. The day was excellently organsied by the Lions Club and supported by many local volunteers. Many different schools attended and many new Canarian Pines were planted by students to replace the American Pines blown down in strong winds. The Canarian Pines have a much stronger root system that allows them to withstand the strong winds.

tree1 tree2


This month's assembly was run by members of our school council. They also organised the entire event.
• The Year 9 members were in charge of printing and laminating all of the certificates.
• The Year 8 girls were in charge of writing all of the certificates.
• The Year 8 boys were in charge of leading the assembly and reading out all of the names.
• The Year 7 members were in charge of actually issuing the certificates and shaking the student's hands.
It was an extremely successful day and school council will continue to become more involved in school events in the near future.

School Disco
February also saw another very exciting School Disco for students from Y7 to Y9. There was a very good turn out and a lot of money was raised for the upcoming Sixth Form Leavers Ball. As usual we would like to thank the teachers who attended for making this a safe and fun night and of course Mr Arthur for being our DJ for the evening. The students really enjoyed the night.

disco1 disco2

LAMDA EXAMS: 8th - 11th April

Across the senior school, 72 students are preparing for LAMDA examinations in both ‘Using Spoken English' and ‘Acting'. In April we are excited to be welcoming, for now the sixth year, an examiner from the UK who will come and watch our students perform their individual and paired performances and listen to their rehearsed speeches on a variety of topics. LAMDA stands for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and is in the top three drama schools in the UK. To work all the way through LAMDA qualifications is a real achievement and we wish all of our students the very best of luck in these examinations.


Bouncers performed at Trinity
Year 10 Drama GCSE class came to the Trinity Site to perform their first piece of scripted coursework which was an extract from the John Godber play, ‘Bouncers'. In this play Godber manages to capture a ‘vision of the 80's urban nightlife'. The piece is a hysterically funny observation of how people behave when they go out for an evening and offers the opportunity for multi- rolling as the ‘bouncers' become all of the customers in their nightclub. The most hilarious part had to be the moment when the boys played a group of girls in the hairdressers, getting ready for their big night out. Parents, teachers and students in year 8 and 9 were amazed at how brave the performances were as the girls bravely took on male roles and the boys grabbed their handbags and ladies magazines in their depiction of the opposite gender. The pieces were performed on the stage in the drama studio at Trinity and were inspiring for our year nines who are considering whether Drama is going to feature in their choices for next year. Well done for all involved.

Tenerife Young People's Theatre is thriving and we are busily juggling a number of different projects. One of the most exciting projects for the oldest group is the upcoming performance of a play called ‘Additional Dialogue' by Catherine Shelton. The play explores the challenges of putting on a performance of William Shakespeare's ‘Romeo and Juliet'. The offstage drama proves to be just as dramatic as the events of the play itself as friendships, hormones and ex-boyfriends interfere with the rehearsals for the play- within- a -play.
TYPT runs on a Monday for years 5 to 7 and on a Tuesday for years 8 to 10. Anyone is welcome to join us or simply come to watch what we are doing. This includes any parents who wish to have a clearer idea of Drama and its important place in the creative education of our young people.
Additional Dialogue is to be performed in the Casa de la Cultura at the end of May.

WORLD BOOK DAY 27th February

On 27th February all of KS2 and KS3 combined forces for a project for World Book Day. 10 mixed groups from Y5 to Y9 actually created children's books. The event was a great exercise in team work and cooperation and it was fantastic to see so many students of different ages working together. Keep an eye on our website to see pictures of the event.

Carnival Parade

On the last day of this half term students from KS3 were given the opportunity to dress up in Carnival costumes and enjoy a parade around the playground. As always the students dressed in many different colours and outfits and some of the costumes showed great imagination.




We hope you have enjoyed reading our newsletter. Have a wonderful Carnival!




Talks at the BST
This month we were very fortunate to have been able to offer a very interesting talk led by a member of the Policia Nacional to students at the Yeoward site who listened to some very interesting case studies about what would happen to young people if they were caught with drugs in their possession or if they are in the company of another young person in possession. Students were also informed about internet security and data protection issues with mobile phones and computer technology.
We are extremely grateful to the police for offering us the possibility of taking part in this programme.
Year 11 students attended a Sex Education Talk given by Mrs Maite Hernández García who is a leading midwife in the local Heath Centre and a parent of one of our Year 11 students. We are extremely grateful to her for dedicating her timeand effort to our students.
At school we try to offer our older students a range of career talks with the aim of informing them about possible options available for further educational studies. Two talks were offered this month,one for students interested in studying Digital Art and the second a leading Business University here in Spain, the IE University.

Parents afternoons for Y9 and 11
During the month, parents of students currently studying in Year 9 at the Trinity site and the students themselves visited the Yeoward site where they were given a guided tour of the facilities and attended a presentation about Years 10 and 11.
Parents and students from Year 11 were introduced to life in Sixth Form at the BST and were given details about subjects taught in this department.
I would like to thank Moises, the school's Head Boy for his assistance at both meetings.

Last Friday night Sixth Formers hosted a disco for students in Years 7 to 9. The disco was held at the Yeoward site and monies raised will go towards the Sixth Form Leavers' Ball to be held in June. The young students had a wonderful time dancing to music played by Mr Arthur.

A photographer visited our school on three occasions this month to take photos for our new school website. The Board of Governors is currently putting a lot of time and effort into this project.

Table tennis championship
At break times and lunch times students at the Yeoward site have participated in a Table Tennis Championship which was won by Antonio Suárez Alonsoin Year 11. He was presented with a trophy at today's assembly.

Music Club
Our Deputy Head Boy, Carlos has taken the initiative of setting up a Music/Singing Club at the school. Carlos used his persuasive skills to convince Madame Le Guillou, the French teacher, who is also a trained music teacher to lead lunchtime sessions in singing for interested students. Well done Carlos!

Carnival and Assembly at the Yeoward site
This year was the first time for many students at the Upper School to be given the opportunities of celebrating Carnival. Some students participated in a Carnival Hat Competition and Mr Arthur livened up the playground with music at lunchtime. Before the end of the school day an assembly organised by Mrs McAlees was held.
At the assembly certificates were presented to students for their hard work and achievements over the past half-term.

Future Events
We are very excited about a special visit which has been arranged for mid March for BST Biology students to the University Hospital in La Laguna. Our students will get an opportunity to spend three hours watching different departments at work and listening to talks delivered by doctors and nurses.We would like to thank Dr Helena Hernández Rodríguez a surgeon at the hospital and a member of the school's Board of Governors for giving our students this incredible opportunity. We will include a full report on the visit in our March Newsletter.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our newsletter!



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